quinta-feira, 24 de julho de 2014

Left Untold

Left untold

I embrace the drama
I accept sadness
I invite my karma
Into this madness

I smoke faster
I drink harder
I burst the blister
To walk further

I contest myself
I regret myself
I love myself
I hate myself

I do my part
I listen to my heart
I play the fool
With every tool

My feelings mistake me
My racional side hates me
I condescend it
I still pretend it

For no reason
In every season
I contemplate
This mess we create

We're sorry
Of our glory
We're successfull
In our story

We deny
All the reasons why
We don't dare to try
To be better

We forsake
Every mistake
Like we could make
Us look less like a sinner

We combat
The things we forget
With indifferance
We don't even get the chance

To explain
Why we complain
About the world
There is so much left untold...

By Darko

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