segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2014

Summer Rain

I'm lacking the excitement of proving myself right 
I'm lacking to be loved in a decent way 
I'm lacking the urge to have higher goals
I'm lacking all those words you won 't dare to let out 

I miss the days when summertime thrilled me 
I miss the strength of my contesting will 
I miss the red in my face when you used to fancy me 
I miss the time when I used to be the future

I long for the applause after I nail the song
I long for art that could raise our story across the globe
I long for sacrifice when you insist you love me
I long for a hug even when I'm wrong

I'm lacking the fun of doing it for the first time
I'm lacking honesty emerging from all the lies
I'm lacking a new day without you by my said

I miss sex with no rules or impositions
I miss having no extra weight above my decisions
I miss the adventure of trusting someone new
I miss all the times I used to do it with you

I long for apologies and long runs after me
I long for changes in the skies and the sea
I long for questions that justify my awnsers
I long for the days I lived the life I dreamed of

By Darko